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Drawbar Springs

Drawbar Springs

Drawbar springs are specialized types of compression springs, incorporating U-shaped wire forms inserted for use in extension applications. The drawbar springs combine the tension application of the extension springs with the positive stop feature of the compression springs.They are sometimes used in the place of extensions springs, especially if the springs will be subjected to ongoing deflection cycles. When designed properly, these types of springs eliminate the potential for what is known as coil bind.

Key specifications of drawbar spings include the assembly length(max., min.), spring length(max., min.), outside / inside diameter, number of coils, wire size(diameter, material, kind and grade), style of ends, maximum spring deflection, etc. Drawbar springs are used primarily in applications where a tension-producing spring is required where the self-limiting feature of compression springs is also needed. They are often used in heavy equipment at construction sites, Various traction devices for vehicles and trains, various types of rides at amusement parks, and playground equipment like swing sets. The load-bearing qualities of this spring design make it ideal to hold up well to the constant pressure that occurs when these types of devices are in use.

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