Springs for Mining Crushing Equipment

Springs for Mining Crushing Equipment

With the development of China's mining machinery industrial, the Chinese mining machine have saled all over the world. Kathysia industrial has rich professional experience on manufacture the mining springs, which supply the springs to Chinese mining machinery manufacturer for more than 20 years.

Whether you need mining springs for your mining machine manufacture, or looking for the spare parts or maintain your mining machines, Kathysia industrial has the technology and know-how to match you. Whatever you give the drawings or the main parameters, our knowledgeable professionals can manufacture the springs or design it for you.

Most of springs for mining industrial are heavy dute springs, they need to produced with hot coil springs production process. Kathysia Industrial's hot coil springs production line is one of top 3 production line in China, we can offer max. diameter of spring wire is 80mm.

The mining industrial springs mainly used on the followings,

  • Core Crusher 
  • Vibrater Screen
  • Damping System
  • Suspension on the Mobile Crushing Equipments

With quick turn around on all of your orders and competitive pricing, Kathysia industrial is the only company you will choose need to take on all of your small order/prototype or other special services requirements.

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