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Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are commonly used to apply a torque or store rotational energy. They are designed to exert torque, often as the result of some kinds of rotating action. The springs usually connect to other components at both ends. Various kinds of ends including short hook, hinge, straight and customizable are available to facilitate mounting. Requiring some type of force like pressing or twisting to function, once the force is stopped, they will return to the original position. 

The torsion spring can be used for all sorts of applications involving new or aging equipment. Everyday uses include clothespins, doorknob, ratchets, counterbalance mechanisms, and as a coupling between concentric shafts such as in motor and pump assembly.

For higher performance, rectangular or other non-round wire can be substituted to improve efficiency and obtain higher energy storage capacity. In a case of extreme torque, two separately designed coils (sections–one with a right-hand twist and the other left-handed) can be connected together creating a double-bodied spring. This allows the total torque to match the sum of the two coils combined.

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With so many applications, it's no surprise that the spring comes in a variety of sizes. At Kathysia industrial, we can help customers find the perfect size and design based on the application they have in mind. Even if you need replacement springs for older machinery or equipment, we have the experience needed to create springs that will exceed your expectations.

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