Technological and Engineering Capabilities

Kathysia Industrial having more than 60 years of professional experience in steel wire and spring manufacture, and it is a designated spring products supplier by the Chinese ministry of machinery industry, and a member of China spring association. Kathysia industrial has completed testing equipment and advanced management experience. There are three advanced laboratories, which are dedicated to ensuring the quality performance of our steel wire and springs. 

Chemical Laboratory

In the chemical laboratory, we are committed to the most advanced, the most environmentally friendly steel wire surface treatment technology research and development. We use the most advanced electrolytic-phosphating technology for the surface treatment of the steel wire, instead of the pickling. This technology uses the method of on-line low-temperature electrolytic phosphating for the steel wire. The Phosphating treatment speed of steel wire can reach up to 120m/min, and the phosphating treatment time is very short. This process can not only effectively improve the treatment effect of steel wire, but also achieving the whole method with lower energy consumption, lower discharge of pollutants, it is very friendly for environmental protection.

Metallurgical Laboratory

In the metallurgical laboratory, our scientific and technical staff can process samples for raw material qualification and validation. We use a full range of analytical resources to examine fundamental material properties:

  • Evaluation of rotating-bending fatigue of wire stock
  • Measuring tensile yield of competing materials
  • Optical metallography: including scanning electron microscopy and energy-disperse x-ray analysis, to evaluate surface condition and structure, to determine grain size, and to identify the presence and content of inclusions in raw materials
  • X-ray diffraction to measure stresses in both wire stock and finished parts confirm the quality of materials or the effectiveness of production processes
  • Microhardness testing to verify hardness profile, residual stress profile, and surface processing effects
  • Surface roughness and decarburization analysis
  • Impact testing to measure fracture toughness and notch sensitivity, and to evaluate processing effects.

Dynamics Laboratory

In the dynamics laboratory our engineers employ a full range of testing resources to examine production or prototype springs in conditions that closely approximate actual use:

  • Cycle testing of finished springs to determine and enhance fatigue life
  • Video analysis of the complete spring event identifies crucial dynamic forces
  • Rotary cycle and servo-hydraulic fatigue testing
  • Specialized equipment for evaluating spring rate, spring frequency, spring load, and spring pitch profile
  • Strain gauging capabilities for springs

Our engineers are fully experienced in product design, spring design analysis, dynamic simulation, and the application of advanced technology to produce innovation. We use a variety of software for spring design, modeling and assembly, and FEA to optimize performance. The latest improvements are on: advanced high tensile materials, nitriding and piece hardening, ovate and multi-arc wire sections, Beehive spring configuration, and advanced surface-finishing processes.

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