Spring Wire and Spings for Furniture & Mattress

Spring Wire and Spings for Furniture & Mattress

Most consumers don't think about the springs that are inside their furniture until they are popping out of the cushions or they have lost their spring and the cushions aren't as bouncy and the mechanisms not working. With quality springs, most customers will never have to think about what's inside their furniture because they won't experience these issues.

Kathysia industrial is a premier furniture springs manufacturer, and we create some of the best quality furniture springs on the market. With our furniture springs, recliners will recline, gliders will glide, and mattresses will stay springy for much longer. Our stainless steel springs are built to last, and they will provide the performance you want for many years to come.

In addition to selling some standard furniture springs, we also accept orders for custom springs. You can use them to restore an older piece of furniture or to create a whole new design. Our team will thoroughly discuss your project to ensure that we meet your exact needs with the creation of the custom springs.

Ensure to find the furniture springs you need, contact us today to learn how we can help you create custom springs. With just one order, you'll learn why we are known as one of the best furniture springs suppliers in the world.

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