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Die Springs

Die Springs

Die springs are highly engineered mechanical springs with specific wire designs that store energy elastically by resisting movement when pressure is applied. The desired wire segment is selected to produce the maximum amount of force within a minimal amount of space. They are manufactured from round, ovate, rectangular wire in a cylindrical shape.

Alloy-steel and chrome are examples of the more common materials used for these springs. Some customs call for coating the wires with vinyl. The color of the coating often indicates the amount of compression the spring is designed to withstand.

They usually classify to several types according to the applies and loading, such as light duty die springs, medium duty die springs, medium heavy duty die springs, heavy duty die springs, extra heavy duty die springs. Every type has thire own indicated color.

Die springs use in press tools, valves, couplings, fixtures and other applications where high loads are required in a confined space. Select a die spring should consider several dimensions, include free length, hole diameter(out diameter), rod diameter(inner diameter), preload, operating travel, solid height and so on. For each dimension, there are 4–5 different force classes to choose from.

die spring dimentions

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