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Across industrial processing, mining, power generation, water, wastewater and sewage, agriculture, oil, gas and petrochemicals and paper and pulp industries, springs are commonly behind the method of managing the flow process of the transportation of fluids via valves and actuators. 

Our heavy-duty coil springs act as a key component that sits not only within the actuator itself but also as part of the mechanics of the flow control valve. The actuator and the valve work together as two separate components to manage a fluid transfer system. 

They both respond to a supplied power source – either by hydraulic, electric, pneumatic or manual power supply – to switch on/off or dial down the flow.

What is an Actuator Valve?

Valve actuators or actuator valves (their names are often interchangeable) are like a control gateway, operating the opening and closing of a valve. Situated within the valve framework, the actuator control system, when activated, acts as the mechanism to open and close the valve.

What is the difference between Actuators and Valves?

The actuator is the control mechanism, instructing the valve when to open and close. Actuators are commonly controlled by computer systems which respond to monitoring systems and control valves that dictate the flow requirements needed through the valve.
The valve is the physical element that opens and closes, managing the flow control process of the fluid in the line. Our springs commonly operate in spring return actuator valves, and are designed with high-quality materials to be fit for purpose.
The valve and the actuator work in synergy, with the valve facilitating how much volume of fluid passes through and the actuator telling the valve when and how to operate.

actuator springactuator spring

What are the different types of Valve Actuators?

Rotary and linear actuator valves dominate the market, supporting the two main types of valves (2-way valves and 3-way valves) that require them.
From electric actuators to heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators to heavy-duty rack and pinion actuators to gas over oil actuators, pneumatic valve actuators, direct high-pressure gas actuators to electric-hydraulic actuators to flow actuators and subsea actuators and control systems, our heavy-duty springs are at the centre of their operations.
As the leading spring manufacturer of heavy-duty springs, we are the trusted partner in the component supply for valves and actuators.

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The expertise of our engineers across our global network of manufacturing sites offers a unique level of experience and equipment in the field of heavy-duty springs, valves and actuators, guaranteeing Kathysia Heavy Springs as the premium partner for your manufacturing and design enquiries.

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