Compression Spring: Principle and Application

Compression springs (compression springs) are helical springs that bear downward pressure. Most of the materials used in it are circular in cross-section, and are also rolled with rectangular and multi-strand steel coils. Springs are generally of equal pitch. The shapes of compression springs are: Cylindrical, conical, convex and concave shapes and a small amount of non-circular shapes, etc., there is a certain gap between the coils of the compression spring, and the spring shrinks and deforms when subjected to an external load to store deformation energy.

The compression spring provides resistance to external load pressure. Compression springs are generally coiled metal wires with equal pitches and fixed wire diameters. Compression springs use multiple open coils to provide resistance to external load pressure (such as gravity pressing a wheel, or body pressing on a mattress). That is, they push back to resist external pressure. Compression springs are generally coiled metal wires with equal pitches and fixed wire diameters. In addition, there are also conical compression springs, or a combination of conical and linear springs. According to different application areas, compression springs can be used to resist pressure and/or store energy. Round wire is the most commonly used compression spring, but there are also compression springs made of square, rectangular and special shaped wires.

Compression spring wire springs are used in everything from home appliances to motorized equipment, motors, etc., because it is the required type of spring. By the load acting on them or their ends are compressed, the compression spring is designed to compress the wire to try to return the spring to its original shape, so that the load is pushed back.

compress spring

Main application directions: medical breathing equipment, medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, engine valve springs, control valve springs, vibrating screen vibration springs, crusher shock absorption springs, etc.

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