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Users often need to manufacture several spring prototypes for testing before developing new products. Many spring manufacturers are unwilling to accept such orders or charge high sample fees, and some small workshops may not be able to meet high-standard manufacturing needs.

In the first half of 2020, many mechanical engineers or purchasing managers from well-known companies around the world asked me whether to accept such orders. My answer was "YES".

Spring Prototype Manufacturer

The first step in making your prototype spring is to send me your design drawings. Our engineers will review the drawings, and if necessary, we will give reasonable suggestions. After the design drawings are confirmed by both parties, it will enter the manufacturing process. If there is available raw material inventory, the spring prototypes will be delivered within 2 weeks at the longest.

We charge 2 fees to customers who need to manufacture prototype springs in small quantities, manufacturing fees and express fees, no other fees. If there is no available raw material inventory or the sample quantity is large (weight greater than 1KG), the material fee will be charged at cost-price.

spring prototying drawing
Spring Prototyping Drawing

Kathysia fully supports customers' new product development work. Our engineers are always ready to respond any needs of users, and work with users to help solve any problems.

We look forward to establishing strong long-term cooperative relations with customers and become their core suppliers.

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