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What makes a spring a heavy duty spring?

Heavy duty springs must have a sturdy structure to withstand more demanding conditions. Heavy duty springs are those which undergo heavy loads and rough environments. They are usually large, hefty springs used by several industries in big machinery, such as heavy construction machines, agricultural equipment, railway industrial equipment, mining equipment, oil & gas pipeline valves, marine equipment, etc.

Heavy duty springs are determined to be in the dimension ranges between a 100mm to 1000mm outer diameter and a 10mm to 80mm wire diameter. Limited to the CNC machine, the springs whose diameter is under 20mm could be coiled on CNC machines. And above 20mm wire diameter, it needs to use a hot coiled line to produce.

Generally speaking, it is widely believed that the heavy spring refers to a spring with a wire diameter bigger than 20mm. For these springs, due to the hot coiled line, the form of these springs can only be a compression spring. In other words, the heavy-duty spring in people's minds refers to the compression spring with a wire diameter bigger than 20mm.

The developed length for heavy duty spring wire

Limited for the hot coiled method, the materials for heavy duty springs would be round bars. Also, these round bars should be shorter than 12500mm, as the biggest trucks’ max. length is 12500mm in Chinese domestic which transport these materials, So most of the materials for heavy duty springs are setting the max. length of 12000mm. It means the developed length for heavy duty spring round bar would be limited to 12000mm.

Heavy Duty Spring Round Bars

The materials of heavy duty spring

The common materials for heavy duty spring is 60Si2Mn(SUP6, ASTM 9260) and 50CrV(SUP10 ASTM 6150, EN 1.8159). Most heavy duty springs use these materials, they can support enough to undergo heavy loads and rough environments.

Heavy Duty SpringHeavy Duty Spring

But for several specific industries, such as aerospace, chemical processing, power generation,  oil & gas pipeline valves, and marine applications, it requires the heavy duty spring to work well in harsh environments such as high temperatures and corrosion. So it needs some specific materials to produce these heavy duty springs.

The Inconel and Stainless Steel materials would be widely used for the above harsh environments. For Inconel materials, it commonly includes the following, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, and Inconel X750. And for the Stainless Steel materials, it commonly includes Cr17Ni7(SUS301, ASTM301, EN 1.4310), 1Cr18Ni9(SUS302, ASTM302, EN 1.4300), 0Cr18Ni9(SUS304, ASTM304, EN 1.4301), OCr17Ni12Mo2(SUS316, EN 1.4401), 1Cr17(SUS430, ASTM430, EN 1.4016), 1Cr17Ni2(SUS431, ASTM431, EN 1.4507), OCr17Ni4Cu4Nb(SUS630,ASTM630, EN 1.4542), 0Cr17Ni7Al(SUS631, ASTM631, EN 1.4568, 17-7 PH).

Kathysia's Custom Heavy Duty Spring Manufacturing Capabilities

Kathysia excels in producing custom heavy duty springs tailored to specific customer needs. As a designated supplier by the Chinese Ministry of Machinery Industry and a member of the China Spring Association, Kathysia Industrial boasts a total of four hot coiled lines and has the largest hot coiled line in China. Kathysia could supply the biggest heavy duty spring whose wire diameter is 100mm. It is the biggest spring in the world, there are only three companies that could be produced worldwide.

Heavy Duty Spring

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced engineers, we ensure every spring meets the highest quality and performance standards. Our advanced hot coiled line and precision forming technologies allow us to create springs with tight tolerances. Rigorous quality control processes ensure thorough testing and inspection of each spring before delivery.

Double Spring design

We also offer exceptional customer support, working closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet their unique requirements. If you have design drawings,  we will strictly produce the heavy duty springs for you according to your drawings. If you do not have the design drawings, our engineer will design the heavy duty spring according to your requirements and supply you the high-performance heavy duty springs.

Just send me an email or leave a message on our website, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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