Die Coil Spring ISO 10243

Die Coil Spring is also kown as rectangular wire compression spring, which is a kind of Springs that manufactured under the ISO 10243 standard: "Tools for pressing — Compression springs with rectangular section — Housing dimensions and colour coding". The ISO 10243 standard establishes the technical specifications for compression springs made from rectangular wires and lays down the following parameters for die springs:

  • housing diameter (or external diameter).
  • spring guide-pin diameter (or internal diameter).
  • length of the springs at rest (or free length).
  • load, in Newton, necessary to deflect the spring by mm 1 (1 Newton = 0,102 kg).

The ISO 10243 standard also establishes the maximum total working stroke permissible for each spring, the free length tolerance and the colour code for each load.

Die Coil Spring ISO 10243

Die Springs are exceptionally high quality compression springs for applications such as presses, valves, clutches and other high-load equipment in tight spaces.

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