Extension Spring Wholesale in Indonesia

In December, 2019, We had offered a customer located in the Indonesia with a batch of extension springs.  This springs is an customized springs, our client only give us their details requirements at first, our engineer design this springs for them, and provide the drawings for confirm. They accepted our design and materials recommend, place the order with us at last.

As we know, this kind of extension springs need worked at about 200 degree centigrade, we recommend them use the stainessless steel, it can well worked at this degree centigrade. We produced these springs in one week after confirmed the PO.

extension springs wholesale in Indonesia   extension springs wholesale in Indonesia1

We are spring manufacturer with more than 60 years experience, and our products quality is excellent with a strong technical force. We supply custom springs with wire diameter from 0.15mm to 80mm, include compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, die springs, disc springs, leaf springs, metal stampings and so on.  If any custom springs products require, please send us your drawings or detail requirements. 

Indonesia market is a potential market, we are committed to developing the Indonesia market. If you need any kinds of springs, you are welcome to send us an inquiry. Whatever you need samples or mass, we can support you. 

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