Compression Springs for Sale

As a designated spring products supplier by the Chinese ministry of machinery industry, and a member of China spring association, Kathysia Industrail offers all kinds of compression springs.

We have more than ten CNC springs forming machine for produce various compression springs, which diameter for 0.15mm-20mm. For these CNC springs forming machine, most of their capacity is about 200-300 pcs per minites(about 100-150m wire), the fastest one can produce about 600m wire to springs per minites. No matter how large quantity of your requirement, we can meet it in one or two weeks.

And also, we have the largest hot rolling springs line, which can priduce compression springs wire diameter more than 20mm to 80mm. This hot rolling springs line is most for heavy duty compresssion spring. Its max. capacity is about 2 tons.

Whatever compression springs you need, even the micro compression springs or heavy duty compression springs, and no matter the quantity is small or large, even only seveal samples or huge batch, we can supply you.

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